Vincitori Call for papers 2012, la regolazione in Brasile

i_paper_osservNella serie “I Paper dell’Osservatorio AIR” (ISSN 2280-8698) è pubblicato lo studio “Assessing Regulatory Governance and Patterns of Regulatory Reform in Brazil”, di Bruno Queiroz-Cunha e Delia Rodrigo. Tra i vincitori della  Call for papers 2012, il paper fornisce un quadro dell’attuale stato della governance della regolazione in Brasile.



Currently, political and institutional shortcomings rather than economic and technical paucity play a crucial role in the dynamics of the regulatory regime in Brazil. The regulatory state has emerged in the country in the shadow of the developmental state, and an incomplete view of the former has delayed the reconciliation between both. Regulatory governance in turn has been treated in a short-sighted and ad-hoc way, which has seriously compromised its evolution. Over the last years, the country has slowed down the pace of regulatory innovation, and important gaps have been left open. The way forward for Brazil seems to rely heavily on the reassurance of political commitment at the center of government and on changes in administrative culture. These are pivotal issues if regulatory reforms are to regain momentum in the country.
Keywords: Brazil; developmental state; regulation; regulatory governance; regulatory state.


  • Bruno Queiroz-Cunha, Senior Public Manager in the Brazilian Federal Government, currently Advisor to the country’s Audiovisual Regulatory Agency in relation to regulatory affairs. 
  • Delia Rodrigo, independent Consultant in regulatory management and reforms and Director of allio|rodrigoconsulting, has served as Advisor to the Brazilian Civil House in relation to regulatory governance affairs.

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