The key messages from the Fourth Meeting of the OECD Network of Economic Regulators


The OECD Network of Economic Regulators is a forum to promote dialogue among regulators operating in different sectors. It brings together more than 70 regulators from energy, telecommunications, transport and water to share experiences and discuss challenges and innovative solutions. The OECD’s 2012 Recommendation on Regulatory Policy and Governance states that regulatory agencies should assure objective, impartial and consistent regulatory decisions, without conflict of interest, bias or external influence.

The fourth meeting sheds light on challenging issues like the integrity of regulators’ role concerning both the political and regulated industry’ influence and the importance of ensuring trust of citizens in an unbiased regulatory environment. Additionally, the independence should be guaranteed by setting sharp and transparent boundaries on the respective executive government and regulators’ roles. An innovative experience of using behavioural insights in economic regulation is proposed by the Swedish energy regulator.

(Paola Coletti)