Tackling COVID-19. The new OECD note for better and faster regulation

by Maria Bianca Armiento

The Secretariat of the OECD recently published the note “Regulatory Quality and COVID-19: Managing the Risks and Supporting the Recovery“, dealing with the relationship between regulatory quality and Covid-19 pandemic.

Regulatory decisions are considered as determinant to face the health and economic crisis. Therefore, they should be adopted through «fast-track procedures», however subject to scrutiny once the emergency is over. The note also highlights the need for cooperation between governments (e.g. through reduction and limitation of regulatory barriers to trade in medical products), while at the same time ensuring compliance to prescription.

Moreover, the note encourages “cutting red tape” as well as the employment of new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to provide relevant information. It also encourages governments to be careful and sensitive to behavioural insights.

Finally, it is important that governments ensure good quality decision-making in network sectors.

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