Smart regulation in EU: the Impact Assessment Board (IAB) 2014 activity statistics


During 2014, the Impact Assessment Board examined 25 draft IA reports and issued 35 opinions (25 on first submissions and 10 on re-submitted drafts). Even though there was a decrease in the number of impact assessments submitted to the Board in 2014 (during 2013, the IAB examined 97 draft IA reports and issued 142 opinions), this was due to the changeover of the European Commission and of the European Parliament legislature. The resubmission rate (40%) remained in line with that of previous years, as well as the Board’s recommendations.

The IAB remarked three main aspects: 1) the need to improve the problem definition section; 2) the need to develop the analysis of impacts, and 3) the need to improve the presentation of the options.

The IAB 2014 activity statistics is available here (pdf).

(Simona Morettini)