Should OIRA review regulatory actions by independent agencies in the United States?

by Maria Bianca Armiento

On 5 March 2020, more than twenty Republic senators sent a letter to President Donald Trump in which they called for the extension of the OIRA review to independent agencies. The senators claimed that OIRA review could increase transparency and consistency of decision-making process while at the time ensuring quality of analysis.

The working paper Bespoke Regulatory Review by scholar Bridget Dooling may provide an answer to the questions asked by the senators. The author examines how independent agencies have chosen not to be subject to OIRA review, due to fear to lose their independence in decision-making. However, Dooling argues that Bespoke Regulatory Review could be a solution: she describes it as «a series of bilateral negotiations that result in memoranda of agreement between OIRA and the independent regulatory agencies».