Regulatory management practices in OECD countries


Source: OECD, Regulatory management practices in OECD countries, 2016

The report “Regulatory management practices in OECD countries”  – finalized by the OECD’ Economics Department – analyzes the regulatory governance of network regulators in six sectors: electricity, gas, telecommunications, rail, airport and ports within the OECD countries.

Drawing on the seven principles for the governance of regulators (OECD, Best Practices principles for Regulatory Policy: The Governance of Regulators, 2014), a new set of indicators which measure regulatory management practices is proposed in order to consider three components: independence, accountability and scope of action. These indicators demonstrate the relevance of understanding the institutional settings and the differences among sector regulators in order to identify the sectors’ outcomes.

Although the governance of sector regulators varies considerably across countries, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany appear to have the strongest governance structures for sector regulators. Definitely, balancing the level of independence, accountability and scope of action is the key challenge for sector regulators.

(Paola Coletti)