Public sector innovation: the Mexico Public Sector Challenge


Considering the growing energy consumption, Mexico has launched  the “Mexico Public Sector Challenge”, a reform’ program in the energy sector. The energy reform aims at opening up a strategic sector in order to attract foreign investment by lowering energy costs, increasing production capabilities and modernizing industries.

The development of a modern legal framework enhances the transparency and the accountability of the government. Particularly, the government aims at empowering citizens and promoting trust by using the open government principles like transparency, citizen participation, accountability. According to these principles, the consultation process of citizens is relevant as stressed by the OECD that has developed the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) to collect and analyze examples of public sector innovation and to provide advice to countries on how to make innovations work.

The consultation on Mexico Public Sector Challenge is published on the OPSI’s online platform and users interested in public sector innovation are invited to share public sector innovations referring to:

  • Innovative ways to make resource management more transparent and efficient;
  • Innovative products/services;
  • Innovative processes/ways of working;
  • Innovative ways to promote civic participation.

(Paola Coletti)