The Observatory’s research and studies

The Observatory is working on research projects all aiming to monitor the evolution of RIA in eight Italian Independent Regulators: Antitrust Authority (Agcm), Communications Regulatory Authority (Agcom)Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (Aeeg),  Authority for the Supervision of Public Contracts, Bank of Italy, Insurance Regulatory Authority (Isvap), Data Protection Authority, Securities and Exchange Commission (Consob), Supervisory Commission on Pension Funds (Covip), and, particularly, to analyse analogies and differences concerning RIA’s adoption.

A cause and effect relationship between the context and the restrictions within which Regulators work on the one hand, and the development of RIA, on the other hand, help to understand how and why the Regulators have adopted Impact Analysis.

The observatory produces analyses, papers, case studies, synthetic reports  and thematic studies dealing with the current activities relating to the impact of regulation on Italian and foreign Independent Regulators and investigates specific aspects of the Regulatory Impact Analysis. The aim is to examine in detail the characteristics of the most significant experiences; to analyse the specific problems faced by Regulators in the application of RIA; to study the development of a particular methodological aspect; to highlight best practices. Thematic studies prerogative is providing a comparative examination of the experiences realized by each Independent Regulator relating to RIA, through synthesis indicators or cross analysis of  important aspects.

These are the projects on which the researchers are  currently working:

  1. Foreign Independent Regulators’ RIA;
  2. RIA Literature;
  3. Regulatory Impact Analysis on Competition;
  4. The introduction process of RIA in the Independent Regulators;
  5. RIA and judicial review;
  6. European Union influence on RIA;
  7. Consultations in the Independent Regulators;
  8. RIA in the Italian Independent Regulators: a comparative assessment.