Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence: A new study by the European Parliament

by Maria Bianca Armiento

This in-depth study on artificial intelligence is released in the framework of the EU Data Strategy and the White Paper on AI.

It is divided into four parts. After the Introduction, the second part, entitled Artificial in industry: state of play in the EU, evaluates the “state of play” of AI use in the European Union. After analyzing the current employment of AI in several sectors such as health, telecommunications, and financial markets, the study focuses on both positive and negative impact, as well as on the challenges of AI (e.g. security, privacy, transparency, and accountability).

In the third part (Regulating artificial intelligence: state of play and European Parliament approach to scrutiny), some elements of the “better regulation approach” are recalled to develop a checklist that could help scrutiny of EU legislation in the AI context. Such a checklist includes, among others, proportionality and fitness of objectives, coherence of the “AI framework” with the EU legislation, assessment of the risk of unintended consequences, and impact of AI on SMEs.

Finally (Conclusions and recommendations), the study contains two groups of policy recommendations. The first is about encouraging investments and funding in the AI sectors, while the second relates to scrutinizing AI employment in the light of EU legislation.

Photo by Leonardo1982 on Pixabay