OECD Best Practice Principles for Regulatory Policy: Regulatory Impact Assessment

by Maria Bianca Armiento

The OECD released “Best Practice Principles for Regulatory Policy for Regulatory Impact Assessment” on 20 February 2020.

It provides five principles for regulatory impact assessment:

  1. Commitment and buy-in for RIA
  2. Governance of RIA – having the right set up or system design
  3. Embedding RIA through strengthening capacity and accountability of the administration
  4. Targeted and appropriate RIA methodology
  5. Continuous monitoring, evaluation and improvement of RIA.
Image copyright: OECD

According to the report: «the Principles aim to gather and build on this wealth of relevant information and practices in a synthetic tool to provide decision-makers, policy-makers, civil servants and other practitioners in the public sector internationally with a practical instrument to better design and implement their RIA systems and strategies».