Nicoletta Rangone

Nicoletta Rangone is full professor of Economic Law at LUMSA University.

Full professor of Administrative Law, Jean Monnet Chair in EU Approach to Better Regulation (2019-; Jean Monnet Module 2016-2019).

She has been associate professor at the Politecnico of Milan, qualified lawyer, Doctoral fellow at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and she holds a PhD in Public Law (University of Bologna).

She worked for national and international institution on better regulation: the OECD, the World Bank, the Italian Competition Authority, the Italian Authority for Energy, the Corruption Prevention Authority, the Ministry for Public Administration, the Presidency of the Council of Ministries, the Ministry for Justice, the National School of Administration, the Formez PA.

She is member of the Scientific Committee of the Osservatorio AIR and of the Center for Research and International Relations of the LUMSA University. She is co-editor of the peer-reviewed journal “Studi parlamentari e di politica costituzionale” and of the Rassegna trimestrale Osservatorio AIR.

Her research interests are in simplification policies, effective law and regulation, cognitive-based regulation, corruption prevention, big data and public administrations, competition advocacy, public utilities regulation.