European Parliament takes a moderate stance on TTIP negotiations


The Committee on International Trade of the European Parliament adopted a report on the ongoing negotiations on a trade and investment partnership between Europe and the United States (TTIP). The Committee issued its non-binding recommendations on the main areas of a potential TTIP agreement after over one and a half years of discussions between the EU and the US.

MEPs urged negotiators to make sure the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would not undermine the high EU standards that protect consumers, workers and the environment. The European Parliament also asked for a clear commitment to exclude current and future Services of General Interest as well as Services of General Economic Interest from the scope of application of TTIP (including but not limited to water, health, social services, social security systems and education). However, MEPs conceded that the controversial ISDS arbitration clause (allowing investors to take governments to international arbitration tribunals), albeit reformed, remains part of the deal.

(Fabrizio Di Mascio)

Photo credits: European Parliament

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