European Journal of Risk Regulation Special Issue. Better Regulation Package, Better for whom?


At first sight, the new “better regulation package” probably appears as one of the most ambitious and comprehensive set of measures on the quality of EU regulation developed in recent years. It introduces relevant innovations as far as both better regulation tools (impact assessment-IA, ex post evaluation, consultation) and governance (the Regulatory Scrutiny Board-RSB, the REFIT Platform and the proposal on the new Inter-institutional agreement on Better Law-making-IIA) are concerned. Moreover, the package is a clear demonstration of the Commission’s political commitment towards the relaunch of the smart regulation agenda, already proved by its inclusion within the scope of the mandate of the First Vice President, Mr. Timmermans.

Nonetheless, ambition and wideness are not the only relevant criteria to judge the package.It could indeed be assessed also from a different perspective, i.e. by analysing the possible effects it could produce and the incentives it could provide for some key players: EU institutions, Member States (MS) and stakeholders.

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Infographic by European Commission