European Commission: a New Ambitious Agenda for Better Regulation

by Maria Bianca Armiento

The European Commission is currently developing a New Agenda for Better Regulation.

  • New “Foresight Report” to identify the major trends and their potential policy implications, as well as to raise public debate on long-term strategic issues will be published.
  • New Communication on Better Regulation will be presented. The role of evidence from evaluations and foresight in regulatory tools is to be emphasized. Active subsidiarity and more effective consultation will be encouraged.
  • The “One in, One out” approach will be introduced: every legislative proposal creating new burdens should relieve people and businesses of an equivalent existing burden at EU level in the same policy area.
  • The Fit-for-future platform will be established to consider opportunities for simplification, burden reduction, digitisation and checking if the legislation is fit for the future.


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