ANAC publishes its first AIR, VIR and consultation Agenda



Pursuant to the 2013 code for the adoption of ex ante and ex post regulatory impact analysis (AIR and VIR), and to the recent one , adopted last April, regulating public consultations with stakeholders (which we account for here in Italian), ANAC, the Italian National Anti-Corruption Authority, has just published its Agenda with the ex ante, ex post and consultation activities scheduled for the months to come. Since the Authority is not strictly bound to the timing provided with the Agenda, this will be updated on a biannual basis.

According to the provisions in the abovementioned codes, AIR and VIR apply to the general regulations with an impact on the market or on ANAC’s stakeholders. To this end, the Agenda lists such acts and norms, be they adopted or drafted, which are branched between the two macro-sectors the Autority is committed to: anti-corruption and transparency.

To date, the Agenda covers a two-year period (April 2015 – April 2016) and provides for five ex ante impact assessments (AIR), two ex post reviews (VIR), nine consultations, of which one only likely, one request for advice to a national Ministry and one joint committee with the Italian Data Protection Authority, to coordinate on issues of common interest.

(Federica Cacciatore)