A Policy Debate on the Emergence of the Collaborative Economy

Image Copyright: European Commission

Image Credits: European Commission

On 29 September 2016 the Competitiveness Council held a debate on the collaborative economy. The debate was largely grounded in the Commission communication “A European agenda for collaborative economy” issued on 2 June 2016, and was structured by means of a background document with a set of questions.

The main issues discussed by the Council were to:

  • The definition of the collaborative economy
  • Growth potential and risks
  • Regulation of market access and fair competition
  • Social policy, employee’s rights, taxation issues, regulation of safety issues and other issues of public interest
  • Sectoral and country-specific approaches
  • Scope for intervention at European Level

It is worth noticing that this in-depht analysis at the European level is particularly interesting for Italy, as the Italian Parliament is currently examining a draft of a law concerning the regulation of platforms that allow the temporary use of products or services and the promotion of sharing economy (A.C. 3564).

(Eleonora Cavalieri)